Age: 22

Location: Yorba Linda California

Prone, DK or Stand up? Bodysurfing and getting back to the roots.

Quick bio: Photography is my life.  I capture light and expose beauty.

Who inspires your Bodyboarding/Photography?  Zak Noyle , Mark Tipple and Ansel Adams are my biggest inspirations.

Favorite kind of wave? Big Heavy Hallow Slabs

Favorite music to listen to before riding? Reggae

Best food to eat after riding?  Fruit Smoothie to push me to go hard all day

Why is it important for us to have clean beaches?  It is so important to have a clean beach on so many levels. Trash on the beach affects humans, sea-life, ecosystems, and the economy, but nearest and dearest to my heart is the fact that I don’t like swimming in other people’s trash.

Any last words? Shout outs?  Shout out to all the real water-men and water-women of the world who appreciate and respect the ocean in all its glory and majesty whether it be on a surfboard, bodyboard, or just a pair of fins.  Love mother ocean and she will repay you.