Scotty Carter is a water photographer from the South Laguna Beach area that has documented waves since the late '80's. To him, the Laguna Beach coastline is not only his backyard, but a special paradise that has inspired him to share what he saw through his videos and photography. He has 5 body boarding movies to his credit one of which received the Cinema Paradise Award in Honolulu.  
As advances in digital technology forever changed cinematography, he shifted full time to photography. Initially focused on capturing the exploits of wave riders, Scotty was captivated by the beauty of the empty waves around him. He noticed a particular wave that came together when sunlight, tides, swell direction and wave heights combined to create water sculptures that seemed to escape everyone else. This discovery and the resulting photography got him published by McKibben Studios in Laguna Beach and found him a spot in the Orange County Fair in 2007.
Today, Scotty's work is in McKibben Studios in Laguna Beach, The Mint in San Clemente and Hawyland Styles in Honolulu, Hawaii. We hope to announce new galleries in San Diego, Oregon, and the Newport Beach area in the near future. Scotty is pleased to be a part of Coastal Playground's efforts to keep our beaches clean!