Age:  A very young 45

Location: San Clemente, CA

Prone, DK or Stand up? Done them all, neck deep in the soup now.

Quick bio: Family. FriendZ. Surf. Sun. Sand. Enough said.

Who inspires your Bodyboarding/Photography? Can’t mention shorebreak and surf photography inspiration these days without mentioning Clark Little and Zak Noyle, but my Trolsen BroZ keep the stoke alive these dayZ.

Favorite kind of wave? Draining shorebreak.

Favorite music to listen to before riding? Depends on the mood. My roots are in 80’s punk…DI, TSOL, Agent Orange…but dig me some Iron Maiden and whatever. Lately? Dick Tear, Current Swell, Lumineers. The Black Keys…old age has opened my shallow mind, but still a young punk at heart.

Best food to eat after riding? In Laguna, Husky Boy…In SC, Surferosa…in between, whateva.

Why is it important for us to have clean beaches? Cause I don’t wake up a day of my life without thinking about the beach, the waves, and my broZ and family who I share the beach with. If you came to my house and disrespected it, you wouldn’t be back…don’t disrespect my beach.

Any last words? Shout outs? Can’t not shout out my fellow Trolsen County Brothers Jrome (@jweightman), Cbook (@cbook4), Phonger (@trolsendoink), JD (jeff_davis), and all the rest…my b-e-a-utiful wife Shana (sjeandenton), and my 5 boyZ, u guyZ rock!