The "O" Series - Part 4 | 07/30/14

PART 4 "It felt like I was somewhere in Oz."

It was tough to leave such perfection, but our plans changed after a quick check of the weather. A rainstorm was going to hit California in two days and we definitely did not want to get caught in the middle of it on the way back home. The new game plan was to hunt for waves the rest of the day, rest up and drive back in the early morning. So that's just what we did, and I'm so glad we did.

The tide was still low at midday so Kevin said he wanted to check this one spot we couldn't get to the day before due to high tide. Pulling up again there was know one around and I hopped on the roof of Kevin's Trailblazer. Looking over the cliff the tide was really low so we grabbed our gear and started the descent down the cliff. Did I mention this cliff went straight down? All the stuff you rarely see during high tide like crabs, starfish and caves were visible it was definitely a sight.

Riding down to the location we talked of climbing down during low tide and walking down a few points over. It was the last piece of area that we had yet to trek, plus there might be waves on the other side. Kevin was already on the other side of the first point as I stopped a few times to take pictures and rest my swollen ankle I had got a week earlier at jiu-jitsu. It came back to haunt me that night as my ankle swelled to the size of a baseball.

Finally on the other side of the first point I found a large piece of driftwood to sit on and rest my swollen ankle. As soon as I put my foot up and felt relaxed like clock work this head pops out from around the second point waving a tripod in the air. It's Kevin and he's giving the signal again, waves. Break time was over I packed up my gear and headed across the second point. He had already reached the end of the second point as I was taking a break and he found the wave. I couldn't get to the end of the second fast enough. It seemed like I was moving at a snail like pace in anticipation. Reaching the point Kevin's camera is out taking pictures and looking out into the distance I could see it. Grabbing the video camera once again I zoomed in only to feel my jaw drop seconds later.

In the distance a massive wave breaking a mile off shore. It was hard to tell when it was going to break but when it did it was amazing. I stood there for a few minutes to put it all in perspective, it felt like I was somewhere in Oz all alone witnessing this thing of beauty. One part of me wanted to take a bunch of pictures while the other part of me wanted to just sit there jaw wide open in amazement. I chose the latter. A few minutes later I could hear Kevin in the distance saying, "hurry up let's go", we need to find a spot to shoot this wave before the sun sets. I took one last look and took off. Our angle from shore was not good enough to capture anything of substance so we made haste as the sun was setting soon.

The rest of the late afternoon was spent on higher ground to shoot this wave, and watch an amazing sunset. It could not have ended on a better note, we accomplished more in a few days than we thought we would have in a week. The next morning we left to beat the rainstorm that was coming in the following day. But we didn't and hit it dead on, you can't stop mother nature. 

In the end leaving Oregon was tough because we only had two full days to explore plus, we felt like we were on a hot streak at that point, and like any gambling man when your on a hot streak it's tough to leave the table. 

* Names and locations of spots withheld out of respect for super nice locals who we had never met before, and also because nobody told us where to go either we just went.