That's a wrap - Coastal Playground Year End Review

Well, that’s a wrap folks, another year down for our beach cleanup project. We had a few notable accomplishments this year that we’re pretty stoked on. First, we hit  10,000lbs of trash removed from Huntington Beach, very cool. Then, we ran a fairly successful Indiegogo Campaign, special thanks to everyone who purchased a perk and donated, you’re awesome! And finally, we started a new monthly beach cleanup in San Clemente at Calfia State Park with our friend & ocean artist  Joe Denton and 50/50® Partner Orange County Coastkeeper. We have completed three beach cleanups there and have already experienced some solid growth, we're excited to see where we can take this one. Below are a few photos from our December beach cleanups.

(Our haul from the 3rd beach cleanup in San Clemente at Calfia State Beach)
(San Clemente beach cleanup coordinator - Joe Denton)
(Beach Cleanup #77 in Huntington Beach, CA - 200+ volunteers removed 275lbs of trash)
(It's hard to believe that most of the 275lbs of trash we removed were items no bigger than what you see in the picture above. Micro plastics, cigarette butts, & styrofoam plague our beaches and kill wild life at alarming rates, at least none of this crap will do any harm, off to be recycled.)
(This can was empty before our cleanup, results you see above are unfortunately typical)

All in all it was a pretty good year, although our sales plateaued slightly, the impact our project experienced almost doubled from the previous year (See Project Results). Now that we have San Clemente going once a month, we have our eyes set on another monthly cleanup, this one tackling either Seal Beach or Bolsa Chica. As many of you know, both locations could use some love. It all just depends on the parking, the city, and the residents, we should know more early 2017, stay tuned.

Our movement is continuing to grow, influence, & make waves in the surf community all thanks to you, our supporters, our customers, our advocates, and our partners. Thank you all again for spreading the word, we promise to work our asses off in 2017 and make your purchases and donations count.