It has Begun - San Clemente Beach Cleanup

After many months of planning and the recent success of our Indiegogo Campaign, Coastal Playground is now ready to begin expanding our beach cleanup operation. First stop, San Clemente.

Over the years of running cleanups in Huntington Beach we have had residents from all over Southern California attend. They drive from as far South as San Diego County and as far North as LA County to come help us with our cleanups. As you can imagine, having to commute an hour + on your Saturday morning is not exactly ideal. So, we decided that instead of having residents travel to us, we would just bring the cleanups to them. After all, who wouldn’t rather help the community they live in than people who live over an hour away? Just seemed like the logical move for us.

And then wouldn’t you know it, shortly after starting to write up the plans for our expansion, Ocean Artist and Advocate Joe Denton approached us about starting something in his community! The law of attraction is a trip isn’t it?! Anyway, Joe is a long time resident of San Clemente and was stoked at the idea of him being able to give back, “I work here, surf here, and I’m raising a family here, only makes sense that I protect it.” Joe told me as we walked our kids on the Calafia trail over some coffee. “Let’s do this Andrew, I’m ready!” To say I was stoked on Joe’s enthusiasm would be a huge understatement, it was a dream come true.

Now that we had a coordinator all we needed now was a location! We considered several different spots in SC, but after doing our research and with the guidance of State Parks we have decided on a location that we feel will not only have a major impact on the amount of pollution. But, one that will also allow us to reach the maximum amount of locals (free parking, restrooms, etc.) and really gives back to community.

With all that said, we have now run two small trial beach cleanups at Calafia State Park and the feedback has been awesome. People on the trails, walking to their cars after a surf, and even the state parks employees all let us know how much they appreciate us being there and that they were stoked to be able to attend one in the future. We will be at this location every first Saturday of the month from now on. We are also working on speaking with the local schools, clubs, and organizations about partnering up to maximize our efforts.

Results after 2 Beach Cleanups: 
11 volunteers
35lbs of trash removed

To say we are stoked to have this going would be a HUGE understatement. Here are some photos from the past two cleanups, please feel free to share them on your social media and let your family and friends know what we’re up to. You can also sign up for our e-mail newsletter below, once you're signed up we will notify you of upcoming cleanups, special offers on products, & much more.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and remember; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead