Beach Cleanup #70 Results & Photo/Video Recap

Beach Cleanup #70 Results:

300+ Volunteers

253lbs of Trash Removed

This past weekend’s beach cleanup marks the beginning of a new chapter for Coastal Playground. Over the past 5 years in Huntington Beach we have run 59 beach cleanups with our partner Orange County Coastkeeper. The relationship has really blossomed in the past couple years and the momentum we’re experiencing is amazing. We have removed well over 10,000lbs of trash from this one location and have educated thousands of people on the issues our coast faces. We regularly have hundreds of volunteers attend and the feedback from State Parks has been nothing but encouraging and supportive.

With that said, we’re ready to start new monthly cleanups and with the recent success of our Indiegogo Campaign, the plans are now in motion. It’s only a matter of time now before Coastal Playground is operating 3 separate monthly beach cleanups in Southern California.

Proposed New Locations:

San Clemente, CA

Seal Beach, CA

We’re hoping to have these up and running within the month, currently we are searching for a location that not only needs the love, but, also one that is able to accommodate our volunteers. If anyone out there would like to assist with organizing, promoting, or running the new cleanups please feel free to reach out to

Well, thank you again for all of your support everyone. Here are a few images and recap video from this past weekend if you would like to re-visit this past weekend’s cleanup. Enjoy!