Beach Cleanup #68 Video Recap

"Gwen Sneddon, 4, has learned that every little bit counts when cleaning the trash from beaches." 

Orange County Register - Beach cleanups hit a milestone: 5 years = 10,000 pounds of trash

Send 340 volunteers to the beach for two hours to pluck up bottle caps, foam pieces, wrapper shreds, plastic bags, rusted metal and chunks of construction wood and you get 264 pounds of detritus in a heap of heavy-duty black trash bags.

Do it every month for five years and you collect more than 10,000 pounds.

That’s exactly what happened Saturday, when the total trash collected at the monthly Saturday beach cleanups organized by Orange County Coastkeeper and Coastal Playground at Huntington State Beach reached 10,188 pounds....

Most of the trash on the beach Saturday probably flowed down the Santa Ana River from inland areas as far as 50 miles away, ferried through Southern California’s warren of concrete drainage channels and hard-surface riverbeds and to the coast.

“We’re the filter before the trash hits the other beaches,” said organizer Andrew Sneddon, the founder and owner of Coastal Playground.

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Beach Cleanup #68 Video Recap

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