Beach Cleanup #1 - 08.13.2011 // Interview With Andrew Sneddon


Beach Cleanup #85 - 04.08.2017 // Coastal Playground in Two Minutes



In early 2000, the journey began while bodyboarding on the Southern California Coast. I was in my final years of high school and I had all the time in the world to surf and work on my art. I remember deciding then that waves, the ocean, & art would not only be part of my lifestyle, but how I would hopefully end up making a living. Unfortunately, the idea faded due to financial struggles, money was not as easy to come by and I was on a top ramen budget. But, the idea of Coastal Playground always lingered in my mind.

Years later the idea finally became reality with the help and encouragement of my family & friends. This time we had some new ideas and an actual budget. Not only would we promote this lifestyle but we would take the idea a step further...

All too often, when I am out in the ocean I notice trash floating in the line up. I also find myself stepping on bottle caps, cigarette butts, and other random pieces of plastic crap walking down to the water.  What is happening to my beach?  I had enough, I was tired of watching this get worse. So, I began doing some research to see what I could do and it hit me!  The light bulb was bright, bells were ringing, and alarms were sounding, it was time for action!!!  I decided then I would take this new idea along with my Coastal Playground lifestyle and turn it into something that would really give back! This is how the 50/50 concept came about.

I decided then that with all of the products I sold, 50% of the proceeds would be given to organizations that help keep our beaches clean and also educate the public on these issues.  The fact I would be able to give back to the community through my art and help preserve our playground for future generations is more fulfilling than any amount of money I could ever make.

Early March 2010, Coastal Playground 50/50 became official.  With the 50/50 Program Coastal Playground is helping you conquer the imbalance and squash pollution for good!


For every product you purchase at we will donate 50% of the proceeds to funding monthly beach cleanups. These donations are reflected in a completely transparent fashion through the 50/50 counter found on the homepage of our web site. The counter keeps track of exactly how much money we are contributing, how much trash we are removing, how many volunteers we are educating, & how much money our project is saving tax payers. Every month the 50/50 counter will go up based on our sales for the previous month. At the end of the year, we cut a check to the organizations you selected and they are committed to using the funds for future beach cleanups. Simple as that.

By selling directly through our website and eliminating the ‘brick and mortar’ store front we are able to eliminate the typical costs associated with retail distribution and donate a large percentage of our revenue to non-profit organizations. We print all of our products on demand which helps us significantly reduce our footprint by avoiding excess inventory. Finally, since our products are packaged in post-consumer recycled material & because they are shipped directly to you, we eliminate the various negative impacts associated with packaging and shipping products that are for sale in a retail store. 


COMMUNITY: With our 50/50 program, Coastal Playground is able to help communities by saving them thousands of dollars in labor expenses. But let the math speak for itself. The Value of 1 volunteer hour is the equivalent of $23.07 according to YTD Coastal Playground has clocked over 20,000+ volunteer hours, with an average of 200 volunteers per cleanup, that's over $500,000.00's in potential savings for your community, pretty awesome right?! Cleaning beaches, saving taxpayers money and fitting the world with awesome swag & art. This playground knows no limits. 

ECO-FRIENDLY: Footprints in the sand? Not here. Using 100% organic cotton, soy and water based inks, eco-friendly printing processes and by restricting release of toxins into the oceans, Coastal Playground leaves nothing more than a faint trace. 

HUMANITARIAN: What better playground is there? On a mission to preserve and protect the coastal regions of the world, Coastal Playground is harnessing the power of the community to develop innovative solutions that enact positive change. With their 50/50 program, the company gives 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their clothing to nonprofit organizations that organize beach cleanups and educate communities about the importance of protecting the coastal environment. After all, life's a beach.